The Historical Significance of Qurbani and Buy Qurbani Cow in Bangladesh

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Most of the Bangladeshi cattle, mostly cows are nurturing for Qurbani. Qurbani Cow in Bangladesh is a common topic during Eid-ul-Adha. To be exact some 10-15 days before Eid-ul-Adha this frenzy starts till the eve of Eid-ul-Adha which is known as Qurbani.

History of Qurbani and Its Significance:

The history of Qurbani is very age-old. The event is directly relating to Ibrahim, the prophet of Islam. According to holy books, once Ibrahim dreamt that Allah commanded him to sacrifice his most loved possession in the world. Experiencing the dream he pondered over it to find out his most loving possession. In accordance with Islam, Ibrahim found out that he loves his son Ishmael the most and he is the only possession in the world whom he loves more than his own life.

Ibrahim disclosed the dream to his son Ishmael and discussed the affair. Ishmael as an obedient son willingly agreed to his father’s wish. Ishmael then asked his father to perform the order sent from Allah promptly. He was then taken to a desert by his father. So, both of them were prepared to perform the order of Allah. Then Ismail asked that his hands and legs be tied to avoid struggling during the sacrifice and that his father should blindfold himself to avoid witnessing the suffering of his son. Ismail was aware of his father’s love towards him and knew that this would be difficult to witness.

Distribution of Qurbani Meat
Distribution of Qurbani Meat


So, Ibrahim began to carry the sacrifice within a moment, Allah replaced Ismail with a ram/sheep and Ismail was unharmed. As Allah tested Ibrahim to see his dedication in his submission (Islam) to his creator. Almighty Allah became very satisfied by seeing the love him from both of them. And Allah declared that Prophet Ibrahim passed the test.

Finally, the Qurbani performed and from that day Muslims all over the world performed this holy sacrifice every year on the month of ‘Dhul Hijjah’ to satisfy Allah and get mercy, prosperity, happiness and peace in life. And this unconditional devotion performed on Eid-ul-Adha for one and only Almighty Allah.

Cattle of Qurbani:

Every year millions of sacrificial animals are preparing to sell on the Qurbani Hat in Bangladesh. Most of them are domestic animals which nurtures farm owners or farmers. Healthy natural foods and diets are key to have a healthy and attractive animal. In here, farms or farmers take very good care to nurture cattle to make them able to be a sacrificial one.



Actually, in every division of Bangladesh sacrificial animals are produced, among them, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet, Chattogram, Khulna are the top producers. In order to sacrifice an animal for Qurbani, it is mandatory to be a perfect one according to the Qurbani law. So, the best one will be sacrificed as a token of love and devotion to the Almighty Allah. There are various types of cattle that can be sacrificed for Qurbani. Among them here are a few mentions of the best choice according to the geolocation of our country.

  1. Cow
  2. Buffalo
  3. Sheep
  4. GoatsCamels

Why cow is the most favored item for Qurbani:

First of all, cows are the most gentle and domestic animals among all the cattle. Their food habits are mostly eating fresh grass and they also eat hay, grain, corn, soybeans etc. On average a cow consumes more than 100 pounds of food every day. They are very easy to nurture and tame, also they have selling value on the cattle market. Here few reasons why the cow is the most favored item in Qurbani Hat:

Economic: Cows have a high value in the cattle market because they are different sizes, shapes, colors and also races. For this diversity, the pricing of cows is better than other animals. On the other hand, the meat is very tasty and digestible and also its hides are saleable too. Both the seller and buyer get the benefit from it.



Usability: Another reason is that a cow is very usable. None of its parts have no wastage. From a cow one can get meat to eat, and hide which is resalable. And horns, hoof, jaw, tail hair are using to make a brush, comb, etc.

Sharable: The most important reason is that a cow can be sacrificed along with different types of shares. Like single share, three individual shares, 5 individual shares, 7 individual shares, etc. These shares are for those who are unable to effort a whole cow individually. As in Bangladesh most of the people are lower-middle-class service holders or small business owners who need the share to perform Qurbani.

Easy to Take Care: Normally, cows are very gentle and easy to tame. Only Need dry places and regular food items to take care of a cow at your place no extracurricular for them.

Where can people Buy Qurbani Cow, Goat, Sheep (cattle in Bangladesh):

Cattles are producing all over Bangladesh. There are a lot of small, medium or large cattle markets available in every district and division. When it is Eid-ul-Adha then lots of temporary cattle markets are giving in the lease for a few days around various places to ease the buying and selling cattle. The last year 2019-2020 almost 21 to 25 temporary sacrificial animal markets or hats were authorizing by Dhaka North and South city corporations. As we are living in Dhaka so here we have a big cattle market here in Gabtoli.


During Eid-ul-Adha cattle markets are available in DSCC ( Dhaka South City Corporation ) areas like Meradia Bazar Playground, open spaces of Dhupkhola playground, No. 41 Kawartek playground, open spaces of Amulia Model Town, Aftabnagar Eastern Housing Dawkandi Endulia, Maitree Shangho playground, Shyampur Balur Math, No. 32 Shamsabad playground, Hazaribagh field at Zigatola, Lalbagh Rahmatganj playground, Chairman Bari intersection in Kamrangirchar, Gopibagh Balur Math & open spaces adjacent to Kamalapur Stadium and open space of ShanirAkhra-Daniya playground etc.

And Also Available in DNCC ( Dhaka North City Corporation ) Open spaces at Kawla-Shialdanga, Uttara-10 Sluice gate to Kamarpara Bridge, open spaces on north side of Mirpur DOHS, open spaces of Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, open spaces of Sahid Nagar Housing in Uttarkhan, Badda Eastern Housing (Aftabnagar), open space of Eastern Housing at Mirpur- 6, Khilkhet Banorupa Residential Project, open spaces near the bridge No 1 & 2 at Uttara Sector 15, Vatara (Sayed Nagar), Mohammadpur Intellectual Road adjacent open spaces, and open spaces of both side of the 300 Feet road of Khilkhet.