How to Import Animals or Cattle to Bangladesh

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Why Import?

We all know about the fact that we are living in a country that has fertile lands, potable water and natural beauty with resources. Though we are densely populated in such a small area of land, still we are fighting each day to have a better lifestyle with dignity & honor. Actually, we have lots of animal variety and different types of species as per our geolocation. As we are Muslims in our food habits, cow meat is one of the most common items in our eating chart. Generally, we perform the Eid-ul-Adha where in order to satisfy Almighty Allah. For this reason, we sacrifice selected animals like cow, sheep, buffalo, camel, goats, dumba etc. 

Not every sacrificial animal is producing here in our country. Our Agriculture and Livestock Research Institute brings them for research here. Some of them are for high meat production and some are for dairy. Mostly we see that species of bulls and cows are top in the list. They are economically viable and also open new earning sectors for rural people to develop their lifestyle. 

Reasons for Import:

Here we are going to tell you a few reasons for importing animals below: 

Research: First of all, for research cause various domestic or wild animals are found in different geo-locations due to the adaptation and weather. Various species are available around the world and they have different purposes of their own. Around the world, animals are slaughtering for meat mostly. Other organs have specific uses like hides, horns, hoofs, tail hair, teeth, for making clothing and daily life goods. Like hair comb, box, etc. By researching, we can discover the potentials of different animals very easily. And this information and data help us to run commercial industries that have economical value. 

Economical: Another big reason for importing animals from various countries is economical. Because they benefit not only the importer or exporter but also benefits their countries. As they provide tax and other fees. For this economical value, imports happen frequently around the world. 



Variety: This is the perfect reason why most animals are importing from countries to countries. Like camels are mostly living in the desert area, it helps people to transport from one place to another, and also provides milk and meat to eat. Saudi Arabia, Africa, India, etc countries use camels to travel around and develop their lives who are living in that particular area with economical value. Humps are also another close species of camels; they also have the same value to their region.

Buffaloes, Cows, Dumba. Sheep, Goats are also importing regularly. As we mentioned that different countries have different species for these reasons they have varieties in physical appearance, color, size, shape, muscle construction, height, weight, etc. Another thing is the look, Qurbani Hat or General cattle Hat or market has a selling price difference than regular cattle price in the hat or market. Every buyer in the hat or market wants to get the most unique and best cattle out of the market. This demand for variety ends with importing healthy and quality animals to the markets.                  

Find out the Best: When anyone is interested in buying a cattle or animal then the first thing pops up in mind that is it perfect to buy. In the open cattle market, it is really a hard way to find the best instantly. However, gradually anyone can find the best one very easily. This is where importing animals are at their best if they are picking well and healthy. If not then it’s a disaster.     

Local Demands: During Qurbani, a demand of sacrificial animals are at high, every year this demand is increasing, to cope up with the ratio local producers are forcing them to fill the blank but it is true that we have to import from India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, America,  Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc very frequently. Mostly, cows are the top priority. Others are also on this list like Buffalos, Sheep, Camels, Dumba, etc. And every year luxury cattle buying becomes a trend here so importers are now paying attention to this. We have discussed it (Imported Cow Demand in Bangladesh) from where you will get the point very clearly.   

How to Import animals to Bangladesh: 

There are two methods available for importing animals from countries to countries. One is the Agricultural & Livestock Institute and the second one is private agents. Both of them have different purposes to serve. For researching, new species invention, high-quality semen production, crossbreeding, survival situation, Better feed development, etc deal with government-owned research institutes. On the other hand, if you are looking for trading purposes then private agents are available to arrange the animals for you. Both of them are available for importing cattle around the world. Which way is suitable for you can go for it.    

One of the regular necessities to import the majority of the things under live creatures is a Sanitary import license given by the wellbeing division of the separate bringing in the nation. The human and creature wellbeing populace of the nation doesn’t antagonistically be influenced by the import of any live creatures from remote nations. Along these lines, important Certificates from Veterinary offices or Animal Husbandry. Authority is required to be submitted alongside other expected reports to import a large portion of the things under Live Animals. 



The prerequisites to import live creatures to be satisfied by certain nations are associated with the enactment of sending out nation, the wellbeing status of domesticated animals, of other residential creatures and natural life, enrollment of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the normality and speed of data on irresistible creature maladies gave by the trading nation to the Commission and the OIE, the creature wellbeing necessities for the creation, make, taking care of, capacity and dispatch of results of the creature starting point, the nation’s principles on the forestall and control of creature illnesses, the association, structure, ability, and intensity of the veterinary administrations.

Imported Cow Demand in Bangladesh:

As Bangladesh’s economy continues to see reliable advancement. The amount of wealthy buyers has imported cows from the US for Eid-ul-Adha this year. Reliably, shippers get dairy cows to satisfy the high needs from neighboring countries – Myanmar, India, and Pakistan – by trawler or truck. As shown by the Livestock Department, a year back, a total of 10.4 million animals were butchering, which is requiring to be 11.5 million this year. One of the shippers, Sadik Agro Farm, has been getting bovines from the US area of Texas as far back as two years. 

The dairy steers were flown-in authentically from Texas, the USA in a cargo plane. The import cost, including the airfare, is about Tk1.3 crore. The dairy cows imported from Texas need horns, yet are much taller and have stockier bodies than secretly traded ones. 



All of the seven cows have recently been sold, and the best cow, named Bahadur, was selling at BDT.28,00,000/-. Bahadur weighs 1,500kg and is 10 feet tall. Another dairy creature, weighing 1,100kg, was selling at BDT.25,00,000/- lakh. Imported dairy animals are significantly more grounded than the nearby breed. Exactly when these dairy animals were first brought to this farm, they were difficult to control and keep up. In any case, they offset a tiny bit at a time offset with their new condition. The imported dairy cows need greater sustenance diverged from close by ones, yet the kind of sustenance proceeds as in the past. The Texan cows, generally, eat 30-35kg of feed every day. In Bangladesh, enthusiasm for these exorbitant appeasing cows is extending each year, and we import them to satisfy neighborhood needs.