Cow Project For Meat and Dairy Production in Bangladesh

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The historical period’s cows have been used in our daily life. Cows are one of the great blessings of nature which not only fulfill our meat-eating demand but also provide us milk as well. Both meat and milk are very delicious and tasty. Though who have heart disease or high blood pressure they are forbidden to eat meat by doctors. But Cow milk is one of the best sources of nutrition and energy along with the best drink for human health. Actually in the real world cows are nurtured for fulfilling two specific demands one is for meat and another one for milk. Now here we are going to discuss them separately below.

Basically, Farming cows becomes one of the old stories here. If we look back then we will understand that in the countryside where there is a well off family they have cows in their house because they provide milk and they are also helped in farming lands and carrying humans & goods as well. Another reason is that here in Bangladesh almost 90% of people are Muslims and we all celebrate 2 special festivals regularly. One is Eid-ul-Fitr and another one is Eid-ul-Adha which is also known as Qurbani Eid.

Australian Mundi Cow For Dairy Production in Bangladesh
Australian Mundi Cow For Dairy Production in Bangladesh


Actually, at this festival, we perform a special ceremony by sacrificing a selected animal to show faithfulness and devotional love to Almighty Allah. As we all know how densely populated we are here. So, the demand for sacrificial animals is very high. In order to fulfill the increasing demand for cattle, our government allow cows from India, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, etc, 

Cow Project for Meat in Bangladesh: 

However, in 2014, when India imposed strict restrictions on cattle export. Then we suffered to meet the current demand of the market. Though this shortage has been adjusted gradually when our government, private sectors, and personal investment coming for cow farming projects. Dramatically, we all observe a great change in cow farming. According to statistics provided by the Department of Livestock Services (DLS), we produce a total of 1,06,14,280 cattle, among them, 57,11,434 cows and buffaloes, were slaughtered during the Eid-ul-Azha celebrated in Bangladesh 2018-2019 while the country had a stock of  1, 17, 88, 563 cattle.

The nation has been seeing surplus creation of meat cattle in the course of the last three successive years, on account of ranchers, especially the informed adolescents, for making a supernatural occurrence in the area. around 5, 77,416 commercial farms and many other cattle farmers across the country are now engaged in animal husbandry. Encouragement and supports are proving more people and youths to engage in the dairy and cattle-fattening sector heavily. 


Australian Bull Rising Project for Meat Production In Bangladesh
Australian Bull Rising Project for Meat Production In Bangladesh


The Livestock and Dairy Development Project will improve horticultural efficiency and market access of 2 million smallholder family unit ranchers and little and medium-scale agro-business visionaries. The undertaking will invigorate development and empower a reasonable, comprehensive and safe advancement of domesticated animals esteem chains in Bangladesh. It will likewise address some up and coming issues of the domesticated animal’s area, for example, sanitation, ecological contamination, and environmental change, and creature government assistance.

A creature data stage will be made to give information and reinforce the fragment’s improvement. Apart from instructing young people, many exile Bangladeshis are additionally making gigantic interests in the part. This is the fundamental motivation behind why the division is developing quick


Dairy Farm Project in Bangladesh: 


Just like meat production cows are also a great source of milk production. Milk is using for different types of sweets, curds, rice cakes and etc are made of it.  Also drinking milk is another demand so dairy farms and farmers are engaging with these sectors to fulfill the demands of local markets. However, our government has a solid spotlight on the improvement of the dairy area. For the last to accomplish independence by expanding milk creation with adequate quality. The as of late affirmed Livestock and Dairy Development Project could be viewed as a solid impression of the administration’s endeavor to build up the area.

The Department of Livestock Services has been actualizing this supertask. They have profoundly effective faculty who are striving to build up the dairy part yet. Also, they need legitimate data and participation from all partners of the dairy esteem chain. Remembering this, the ongoing advancements according to tax increment by a portion of the dairy ranchers and their exercises (exhibit in the lanes) are the key worries for the dairy area at present. 

Australian Cow Farm Project for Milk Production In Bangladesh
Australian Cow Farm Project for Milk Production In Bangladesh


As indicated by DLS (2018), Bangladesh produces 9.4 million tons of milk (against the prerequisite of 15.04 million tons) in a year and as per the International Farm Comparison Network. As milk creation in Bangladesh remains at 8.08 million tons. This suggests Bangladesh creates just 63 percent of the all-out necessity (while according to IFCN it is 54 percent). According to BBS (2018), Bangladesh imports 0.11 million tons of milk. In the event that we consider the standpoint for 2030, Bangladesh needs extra 6,000,000 tons of milk. With the present deficiency of 6,000,000 tons and extra prerequisites of 6,000,000 tons, in the following 12 years.

Final Words:

Bangladesh needs to deliver 12 million tons of milk. The absence of land accessibility, restricted feed, and grain. Lower milk creation proficiency is a key limitation for expanding milk creation. Accomplishing independence would be very trying for Bangladesh except if we adopt an all-encompassing strategy to expand milk creation. 

Though there is a lot of hardship and obstacles are on the way of this dairy farming. Gradually, young entrepreneurs are moving forward and breaking the barrier each day. Each day they are developing and demonstrate their success frequently. In Dhaka, we all know about Savar Dairy  Farm which is one of the prime points. Where high-quality breeding and milk production centers. Where lots of young and adults are getting support to develop their own dairy farm. By doing it they fulfill their needs along with dreams.